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Fittings Designed Spacifically For The Finishing Industry

Sometimes great ideas start on a scrap of paper

Hosco prides themselves in solving some of the toughest problems in the paint delivery industry. But those solutions don’t necessarily start here. Many of them start with  customers giving Hosco an idea on a scrap of paper… ”What if we do this?” “What if we do it this way?”  Hosco works out a soloution.

Hosco is a finishing system components manufacturer serving the finishing industry worldwide through systems integrators, and an extensive network of regional authorized distributors and agents. Hosco offers standardized capability for circulation systems and application finishing on a Global basis while being the only supplier of both inch and metric smooth-bore, cavity free and micro finished valves and fittings designed specifically for paint. All Hosco products are certified “silicone free” and ready for installation in your paint systems.