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Pump Products

Binks pumps are a key component in your finishing system whether the application involves large-scale industrial finishing or delicate precision painting.

Binks New medium pressure Pneumatic Maple pump series are horizontol piston pumps used for circulation and spray gun feed applications. The pumps combine an energy efficient air motor with a low shear fluid section technology. The patented air valve design includes a magnetic detent that reduces stall conditions.  The Maple Pump design has equal thrust on each piston stroke and quick pump change over reduces pressure fluctuations to a minimum.

The New Binks Smart Electric Pump is designed to operate at much lower cost than compressed air driven models. When used with an optional smart card, higher savings can be realized by running in an open or closed loop mode which delivers the paint when needed to the user point at the correct pressure and volume.

Binks MX Pumps are a completely new design in air operated pump technology utilizing a patented magnetic detents to provide fast changeover with virtually no pulsation. The result is a fluid delivery with less pulsation for a more consistent finish.

Binks new range of Ram Units offer a reliable and higher performance solution for the delivery of medium and high viscosity materials. They deliver a constant, low pulse flow of materials to the dispensing tool by ensuring correct prming of the pump and preventing material cavitation.

Binks Diaphragm pumps can serve several purposes in a spray system. They can be used as a transfer pump to move coatings from one container to another (i.e. drum to a pressure pot). In many cases larger Diaphragm pumps can be used in a paint supply room to supply pressure to low pressure spray guns either in a dead-end system or a circulating system.


Binks® warrants to the original end-use purchaser that Binks branded products shall not fail under normal use and service due to a defect in material or workmanship within five (5) years from the date of shipment from Binks. Does not include normal wear and tear parts.