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Col-Met Engineered Finishing Solutions

Batch & Cure Ovens

Col-Met is the industry leader in batch and process ovens as a result of their commitment to exceptional quality and superior performance. With a range of ovens to choose from, each oven features innovative design and craftsmanship to meet a variety of consumer needs from small batch paint booth cure ovens to heavy equipment ovens and beyond. Col-Met is known for providing top quality solutions at highly competitive and favorable pricing.

Paint Booths

Col-Met is an industry leading engineering company that manufacures paint booths with a wide range of applications for a diverse and growing market place. Our booth configurations are all optimized to deliver a clean, safe and more productive working environment. 

Powder Booths

Our powder paint booths have served as the industry standard for more than a decade. With a diverse line of powder booth configurations, we offer proven solutions for a wide range of applications and customer needs. Our booth designs consist of batch, cartridge batch collector-style, pass through, and lab powder booths.