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BGK Finishing Systems

BGK Finishing Systems design and manufacture electric infrared curing solutions. These precision-engineered solutions offer curing capabilities for a full range of coatings including liquid, powder, wax, UV and adhesives. BGK's solutions can be found all across the globe and in a variety of industrial settings.

BGK’s customers incorporate a wide range of industrial curing and material handling needs. BGK's solutions offer the advantages of reduced energy consumption, minimized floor space, increased productivity and premier finishes. BGK prides itself on our testing and lab facilities, expert customer service technicians and the attention to detail that keeps our customers returning to BGK year after year.

  • Chain-On-Edge Conveyor Systems
  • Infrared Booster Ovens
  • Flatline Conveyor Systems
  • Overhead Conveyor Systems
  • Infrared Heater Modules
  • Coil Coating Systems
  • IR Smart Lab Oven
  • Automotive Repair Ovens
  • Automotive Portable Repair Arms
  • Testing/Lab Facilities