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Stewart R.Browne

Grounding Solutions For The Coating Industry.

  • Static Grounding & Bonding 
  • Static Ground Monitoring
  • Static Ground Reels
  • Retractable Ground Cables

Stewart R Browne Manufacturing Company, is proud to be a member of various organizations whose purpose is to provide safe working environments for personnel working in flammable or combustible atmospheres. In addition, many of Stewart R Browne Manufacturing products are designed to comply with the various agencies that provide recommended practices for the safe operation of equipment in the application or process intended.
You are encouraged to refer to local regulations in all applications.

Chemical Processing & Distribution
Petrochemical, Specialty Chemical, Refinery
Paint, Ink, Refinery
Military, Commercial, MRO (Maintenance Repair Operations)
Process Systems, Specialty Chemicals
Other Industries
Engineering Design, Ship Building, Pulp & Paper, Utilities