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TRICOR Coriolis Technology products were designed and engineered in Colorado & Wisconsin & Germany. TRICOR's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Germany is equipped with superior calibration and test equipment that guarantees the performance of your instrument from the time it arrives at your site.

TRICOR Coriolis Flow Meters are used for paints, sealants and coatings found in the Automotive Industry are in a specialized group. They must be designed to measure a wide range of materials that are often thick, abrasive, and are subject to a broad range of system pressures and viscosities.
TRICOR Coriolis Flow Meters are designed for precise flow measurement of these and many other difficult fluids.  Coriolis Flow Meters are designed with no moving parts and a smooth tube design, so materials pass through the meter with minimal interference. 

There are scores of other applications where TRICOR Coriolis Technology equipment can be used to increase process efficiency, reduce downtime, and improve product quality / consistency. Because of the smooth tube design and wide material compatibility, our coriolis meters are suitable for a wide variety of fluid materials, from inks and paints to compressed or liquefied gases.
Our Coriolis flow measurement devices are suitable for the following materials and applications:
Silica Slurry
Windshield Fabrication
Coated Glass Manufacturing
Compressed Gases
Liquefied Gases
Automotive Airbag Filling