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Feel free to call us directly at one of the listed phone numbers or send in an email request (Click the request tab at the top of the screen) and we would be pleased to assist. We have multiple staff here that have been in the business 30+ years and have covered most all parts of the Canadian Coating Industry.  If one of us don't have the solution, likely one of the others will.  We look forward to your request. 


The Binks 2001 Gun was a great gun, and parts are certainly available. This gun design was updated and is now called a 2100 gun, same quality and established Air Cap and Fluid Tip parts and configurations but more ergonomic in the hand and a lighter trigger pull.  The manuals and brochures for most all current guns can be found on this website. If you don't find what you need, shoot us an email request and we will send you the manual back.