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DeVilbiss - DeKups® Disposable Cup System

The Ultimate in Productivity Saves Time and Money

  • Better fluid flow for great color match
  • Positive locking gun connection
  • Refill without opening the cup
  • Self-dispensing packaging
  • Larger capacity cups

Increase Productivity and Efficiency

  • Less Cleaning – Easy disposal vs. traditional gravity cups that require significant cleaning time and solvent use
  • Reduces Steps – Mix and spray with one cup. Multiple filter options reduce the need to strain paint
  • Clean Paint Jobs – Sealed, contamination-free system
  • Coatings – Works with a wide variety of coatings
  • Safety – Less exposure to cleaning solvents and VOC’s
  • Storage – Temporarily store unused paint between coatings therefore reducing paint waste

Designed for Durability and Performance

  • Liner Collapses Evenly
  • Liner system provides superior fluid flow, color match, and less over mixing. Spray at any angle including upside down.

Multiple Filter Options

  • Choose the right filter for your job. Barrel filters offer additional savings, while disc filters provide sizable filtration for superior fluid flow of waterborne paints.

Positive Locking Connection

  • Non-threaded easy on and off design allows for a tight and secure connection. Adapters available for virtually all guns.

Self-Dispensing Packaging

  • Mount. Dispense. Discard. Conveniently packaged for production shops.