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Binks - Manual Spray Gun - Model Airless 75

Airless 75 (7500 PSI) 

Airless spray gun is made of forged aluminum and features a thick-walled stainless steel fluid tube and is compatible with high solids and abrasive industrial materials.  The exclusive needle design was developed to keep the spring out of the fluid's path, and the packings are adjustable for longer life.  With almost any coating, from stain to zinc, the Binks Airless 75 is a high production spray gun that delivers a quality finish. Available in two gun versions. Shown here is the external stainless steel fluid tube with the optional heat guard.  On the Binks Airless 75 Direct Connect model, the fluid hose attaches directly to the gun.

Airless 75M Spray Gun (7500 PSI)

  • Sprays high solids coatings up to 7,500 psi
  • Large 3/8” inlet to reduce clogging
  • Designed for thicker coatings such as fire retardants and fibrous coatings
  • Includes high pressure swivel
  • Unique need design keep spring out of fluid path