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POMTAVA - Positive Displacement Metering Gear Pumps

The pumps in this series are mainly designed for dosing solvent paints, water paints, and UV paints. For these applications, we have created gear pumps allowing a very precise dosage, as well as the best flushing possible. Flushing time is reduced and savings on the product is thus obtained.

POMTAVA paint pumps are separated in 3 groups, related to the outputs they offer. Available outputs are situated between 0.003 litre/minute to 4.400 litres/minute

  • Mainly fitted for water or solvant based automotive and industrial paint.
  • Very accurate dosing
  • Maximum flushing
  • All parts are in tempered stainless steal
  • Reduction of “dead zones” allowing for a better flushing
  • New sealing technology combining lip seals and liquid barrier
  • Sealing options quickly interchangeable
  • Strong, coated drive shaft, held in place with 2 bearings and a axial thrust
  • Centering pins making pump assembly easier and increasing its accuracy
  • Depending on the type it is possible to mount a bypass system at the rear of the pump