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DeVilbiss - Compact Full Size and Mini

DeVilbiss Compact Full Size Manual Spray Gun

Trans-Tech™, HVLP & Conventional Advanced Technologies for the optimal mix of performance, ergonomics & efficiency.

Designed for Superior Finish Performance

• Compact’s design results in a laminar, or streamlined, flow of air allowing for efficient and effective atomization

• Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), the air flow in the new Compact Spray Gun is modeled to reduce turbulence and enhance the atomization process

• Compact provides a superior finish with the highest transfer efficiency rates

Built for Ergonomic Comfort, Energy Savings and Environmental Responsibility

DeVilbiss Compact Mini Spray Gun Series


A fine finish spray gun with many practical uses throughout general industry, ergonomically styled for comfort.

  • Choice of HVLP or Trans-Tech Compliant air caps provide superior atomization of both solvent and water based materials
  • Stainless steel fluid tips and needles
  • Balanced air valve design for lighter trigger pull and improved air flow
  • Lightweight, strong, forged aluminium gun body
  • A quality screw top anti-static gravity feed cup with 125 mls. capacity
  • Optional semi-disposable or disposable cups are available

This Compact MINI spray gun is a professional quality gun designed with both high volume, low pressure (HVLP) technology or Trans-Tech technology.  HVLP technology reduces overspray and limits air cap pressure to .07 bar (10 psi) and complies with SCAQMD regulations.  

The COMM-HS1-10DPC Compact MINI HVLP Gravity Touch-Up Gun is available with the 9 Oz. DeKups Package.