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AW Positive Displacement Gear Flow Meters

AW Gear Meters, a brand of AW-Lake Company, is recognized and respected in the flow measurement industry for the highest quality products and superior customer service.  AW products include spur gear flow meters, helical gear flow meters, electronic sensors, flow computers, in-line 0ptical sensors and signal conditioners.

Positive Displacement Gear Flow Meters
Positive displacement gear flow meters are similar in design to the gear pump.  The principle of operation is reversed; instead of the gears driving the medium, the medium drives the gears.  A non-intrusive hall-effect sensor detects the movement of the gear and as each gear tooth passes the sensor a square wave pulse is produced and a discrete volume of liquid is measured. The resulting pulse train is proportional to the actual flow rate and provides a highly accurate representation of the fluid flow. All meters are designed with highly wear resistant moving parts to provide exceptionally long service life.