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GEMA - Manual Powder Booths

The SMART Lab-Style Booth

This versatile powder coating booth has been engineered to handle everything from small batch production to conveyorized applications using automatic or manual guns.

The Smart Walk-in Style Booth

This booth is ideal for coating parts ranging in size from small hardware hung on racks or carts, to large roll-in pieces.

The Smart Open Style Booth

This booth is ideal for small parts to large complex geometries and can be used with a conveyorized line or for batch style coating.

Outstanding Performance

The cartridge filter design maximizes powder recovery performance and filter life. Recovery air is uniformly disbursed and recycled through highly efficient safety filtration media.

Robust Design

Each Smart booth is designed to provide excellent powder containment characteristics, while meeting or surpassing industry safety standards.

Reclaim or Spray to Waste

You can spray-to-waste or reclaim powder, and the unit comes with either a fixed or detachable collector.