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Binks - Ram Units


  • Wide choice of pumps, follower plates and pneumatic rams, optimise Ram Unit applications.
  • Units to suit industry standard 20, 30, 60, 120 and 205 Litre containers.
  • Dual-seal follower plates as standard reduce material wastage.
  • Choice of pneumatic rams on 205L model: Ø80mm (DR205) for high pressure duty and Ø160mm (DRX205) for extreme duty.
  • Incorporate Binks highly respected MX high pressure pumps giving trouble free operation and long working life.
  • Stainless steel pump fluid section housing as standard with choice of ball-check or chop-check inlet.
  • Wide choice of pump ratios from 15:1 to 60:1 (ball-check) and 5:1 to 68:1 (chop-check).
  • Patented Binks low-ice air motors give reliable, non-stop performance.
  • 5 Year warranty on manufacturing defects.
  • Binks’ new range of Ram Units offer a rugged, reliable and high performance solution for the delivery of medium and high viscosity materials in both standalone and system applications. These durable units are built to last and will give long, trouble free performance offering continuous production whilst keeping overall cost of ownership down.

Binks Ram Units provide the ideal delivery solution for materials such as lubricants, mastics, adhesives, epoxies and sealants. They deliver a constant, low pulse flow of material to the dispensing tool by ensuring correct priming of the pump and preventing material cavitation. The range of single and dual post units are designed to accommodate industry standard material containers from 20L to 205L. The twin seal follower plates accurately fit the container, cleaning the inside as it descends and keeping wastage to a minimum.

Our Ram Units incorporate the highly regarded Binks MX range of high pressure piston pumps. These solidly built pumps have a reputation for durability, reliability and long life and are available with a choice of ball-check or chop-check fluid inlets. Complete Binks Ram Units include an easy-use pneumatic control box with ‘up/down’ switch, auto shut off when the container is empty and a release valve to ‘break’ the suction seal when lifting the ram plate clear of the used material. Optional extras include an automatic ‘change-over’ switch for use with two Ram Units on duty / standby mode.