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Binks - Electric - Smart Pump


  • Significant Energy Savings – Electric drive linked with Smart Control gives significant energy and cost savings over pneumatic pumps
  • Patented reciprocating drive with asymmetric CV Cam, minimises pressure fluctuations so no surge chamber required
  • Flow rate control by AC frequency inverter allows fine speed adjustment within a 10 to 40 cycles per minute range
  • Long life piston seals and enclosed PTFE shaft bellow seals give longer component working life and minimise maintenance requirements

Binks Smart Pumps are respected for their energy efficiency and proven reliability. This is why they are found at the heart of the world’s largest Automotive and Industrial paint systems. Our market leading pumps combine digitally controlled AC motors with our patented horizontal reciprocating drive fluid sections. The result is a circulating pump which uses a fraction of the energy of pneumatic pumps, yet still treats modern sheer sensitive paints with kid gloves.

Binks Smart pumps are more efficient than competitor pumps due to their patented design, but when combined with our ground breaking smart system, even higher savings can be obtained. Utilising pressure monitoring and digital control, the Binks Smart System ensures that material is delivered to the point of application only when needed, dramatically reducing energy and paint consumption.